1. We had this message all the way from China…

    Our child Jeff is now studying at your school as visiting guest from Meiyuan Primary School ,Futian district,Shenzhen ,P.R.China.We are very glad to see the photos here.On June the 10th ,they will come back to China.Thanks for the school’s hospitality.last term our child Tim once visited your school.Tim and Jeff are twins,they are very lucky to have opportunity to visit Bede Burn Primary School.Great thanks!

    • Dee Ewart

      Wow! That’s fantastic. Great to see our children engaging and learning with/from each other.

  2. Meiyuan Primary School is located in Melin which is a district of Shenzhen City. The school has over 1800 students from year one through to six.
    It’s a beautiful school, situated near a reservoir and forest covered mountains.
    The reservoir creates a natural barrier for further building and therefore the school maintains its picturesque surroundings.
    Meiyuan Primary School is very much a school for the environment and protection of nature. This philosophy is enhanced by the policy of creating green spaces within the school site. The school itself has received many awards of excellence since it was established. These awards cover many subjects from drama to maths, for students and teachers. The School prides itself on providing a positive learning environment for the children, using experienced professional staff to build a strong foundation for happiness and education.
    Bedeburn Primary School is a welcome sister school and I know that the staff, at Meiyuan, are preparing enthusiastically for a visit from Bedeburn tomorrow.

    The translation of Meiyuan into English is: Plum Orchard.

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