Wow, what a fantastic day we had in Year 2 on Monday! To kick start our topic, Muck, Mess and Mixtures, we had a day of art, DT, science and food as our ‘memorable experience’.

The children had such a good time joining in with all the activities and couldn’t wait to try everything independently.

First, we tied and dyed our t-shirts in buckets of yellow, blue and red. Then, using junk modelling, we created ‘Egg Box Dragons’ based on the story we’ve read in class. After lunch we experimented with mixtures. We tried to mix water and oil, but the liquids kept separating! We also mixed vinegar and baking soda which gave an exciting reaction! Later in the day we tried to make the perfect bubble mixture using water and soap. When the mixture was right, we managed to make huge bubbles! We then tried in groups to make our own bubble blowers and bubble mixture. We ended the day with a tasty mixture… custard!

Luckily, by the next day our tie-dyed t-shirts had dried. We decided to wear them to yoga to make our lesson extra funky.

It was such a great day and we’re looking forward to doing even more!