Hi All,

I just wanted to draw your attention to this new page on our website which is there to support parents/carers with regards to apps, gaming, online safety etc.  The National Online Safety Association produce fabulous posters to support parents and carers in deciding if an app, game or TV series is appropriate for their child.  Here is the link to our school website page with some really helpful information – https://bedeburnprimary.co.uk/advice-for-parents-carers-regarding-apps-and-gaming/

Also here is the link to the National Online Safety guide page which is updated regularly when new apps or games come onto the market – https://nationalonlinesafety.com/guides

As a parent myself I have used this site regularly over the years to support me and my husband in the decision making process around whether to allow my children to have certain apps, games etc and thought it might be useful to share with yourselves.


Helen Smirh