South Tyneside Council is the Admission Authority for this school who organise all admissions centrally. Information can be found by visiting the South Tyneside Council website, by emailing  [email protected] or by telephone on  0191 424 7706 / 7767.  

Admission arrangement are held in accordance to the South Tyneside Admission arrangements. Read them  here.


If there is pressure on places, account will be taken of the following oversubscription criteria, up to the maximum of Bede Burn Primary’s  capacity for the relevant year group.

– Looked After Children – children accommodated by the L.A.

– Parent home residence within the defined catchment area of the school.

– Concurrent sibling link – brother or sister attending the school (to include adoptive siblings, half siblings, step siblings, long-term fostered children residing at the same address).

– Medical considerations (to be supported by written evidence from a relevant professional practitioner).

– Shortest distance from parental home residence to main school entrance.

Governors consider arrangements for school admission on an annual basis in consultation with the L.A.

All appeals for places will be assessed using these criteria by an independent panel.

For local catchment areas, click here.

For the DfE School Admissions Code, click here.


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