Year 2 – Spring Term

Happy New Year everyone!


I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and a great start to the New Year.


Let’s have a look at what’s planned for this half term…


During English we will be doing lots of work around the theme of ‘the dark’, inspired by the fantastic story by Lemony Snicket. This will give us plenty of opportunities to explore story writing, set the scene with some drama, become poets and other valuable experiences, such as addressing our fears. This will also lead onto other books surrounding the darkness, light and fears. If you have any books that you think might be useful, we would love to share them in our class.


As for Maths, we will be covering measurement of money and geometry in the upcoming weeks. During these lessons we will also be continuing to work on our 2, 3, and 5 times tables and revisiting some tricky methods we used last term, such as the number line.


In Topic this term we will begin looking at ‘Around the World’. This topic is quite broad, so we will begin by looking at China in depth, finding out more about their country and culture, where they are located in the world, learning lots of interesting facts, looking at various resources and tasting foods from other countries. This will then be followed on by exploring Africa and Australia. We will also be welcoming a surprise visitor during our topic.


In P.E we will be practising different types of invasion games. P.E will be on a Monday and Thursday. Please remember to bring your P.E kit into school for the term. Just a reminder, P.E kits need to include a school P.E top, black shorts and plimsolls. A water bottle is always recommended also.


Throughout Science this term we will be looking at ‘The Environment’. We will explore environmental issues that surround us, and how we can make simple changes to live more sustainable lives. The themes that will be covered include endangered animals, recycling, energy and climate change. We will investigate these areas by conducting simple tests and experiments, to find ways to overcome some of these issues.


In Computing this term, we will continue to do work on coding, using Discovery Coding. This is a different website for the children to explore, consisting of games in which the children will need to use coding to break through each stage. It looks super fun! There will also be some lessons on e-safety and how to stay safe whilst online.


Music this term will be linked in with the Topic. We will be learning and exploring songs from other countries, using instruments to create our own versions. We will also be using a website called Charanga to explore different pitches and sounds.


During R.E this term, we will be discussing why the Bible is special to Christians, learning about their beliefs and how God is shown in the Bible.


Meanwhile in PSHE we will be starting off with ‘Going for Goals’ as a topic. This will consist of learning about how to take responsibility, persistence and waiting for what we want, resilience and bouncing back, and finally setting and achieving our goals.


Homework will still be a weekly requirement. It will be handed out on a Wednesday and will need to be returned by the following Monday. Children are still expected to practice their common exception words and KIRFS when they have the chance.


Reading books will need to be taken home and returned to school on a daily basis. It is expected that some reading is carried out every night. In the reading book bags, I have also included a bookmark which has some key questions on. These can be used when a child is reading a book to ensure they can comprehend the basis of the story, or to support them in developing that skill. If you need another copy, do not hesitate to ask.


I hope that covers everything! If not, feel free to get in touch and I will be more than happy to answer any queries.


I look forward to starting 2017 with everybody.


Miss Reece.


Thank you!

I am very proud of Year 2 and all that they have achieved this year! We had great fun giving out certificates at our mini awards ceremony and enjoyed celebrating our special talents. Thank you so much for all of your kind gifts and well wishes. Enjoy your summer!

Mrs Franchi 🙂

We’re going on a treasure hunt!

We have had great fun changing we’re going on a bear hunt to we’re going on a treasure hunt in English. After writing our own version of we’re going on a treasure hunt we decided to record each other performing our stories just like Michael Rosen. We tried to upload our full stories but the files were too big! 🙁

Please click on the name of your child to see a little preview of their fantastic version of we’re going on a treasure hunt.

Enjoy! 🙂

Shay Halverson

William Pratt

Lewis Newsome

Oliver Ward

Amy Graham-Thomas

Harry Thompson

Jack Hall

Trae Jackson

Zak Mayne

Hayden Churchward

Lewis George

Grace Kennedy

Freya Linsley

Olivia Doran

Miyah Young

Emmie Wright

Molly Mae Fenwick

Millie McKay

Nathan Dougherty

Eliza Faulkner

Kate O’Malley

Esme Dann

Maya Nicholson

Imogen Stutchbury-Bell

Ben Crews

Matthew George

Eshan Ali

Sam Graham

Alfie Lee

Harry Taylor


Here are some pictures of us in action!



We’re going on a treasure hunt!

In English at the moment we are transforming the well loved story we’re going on a bear hunt to our own we’re going on a treasure hunt story. We started by learning and acting out the story we’re going on a bear hunt and have now planned our own obstacles that we will face, when finding hidden treasure on a deserted island.

We can’t wait to finish writing them! More pics to follow of our super-duper stories.


Treasure Map Fun!

Year 2 are really enjoying our pirate topic this term and had great fun making their own treasure maps. Lots of children have even made their own maps at home.

We made keys for our maps first, making up our own symbols and naming them. We then tea bagged our maps to make them look old. Once the maps were dry we created our own treasure maps adding symbols from our keys.

They look fantastic and everyone was super proud of their map!