The Magic Box

Year 3 have become poets this week, I am thrilled with the ideas and pictures they have painted with their words. We used a box full of my memories as a stimulus, and I can now put in another memory into the box, their poem! Thank you Year 3, I think it is beautiful. I know some of you are creating some of your own memory boxes at home too.


My Magic Box

I have put in my box…


The soft velvet of a precious teddy with all the love it needs.

Full of cuddles of memory from times together that has been passed down the family.

A teddy still loved and as soft as a summer breeze!


I have put in my box…


A beautiful, delicate mug given to me,

Keeping my heart strong and carrying memories.

Well used and looked after, fragile but full of joy and happiness.


I have put in my box…


A baby blanket made with warmth, love and joyfulness by a beloved grandmother.

Soft like a newborn puppy, silky and white, it holds a lifetime of memories.

Sharing love and sweet dreams, a bundle of joy and a warm blanket of faith.


My box is made…


Of dust from the stars, silver ore and  a sparkling emerald.

With love on the lid and family in the corners.

Its hinges are made  of Willy Wonka’s sweet candy canes and screws that are diamond stones.


In my box…


I will surf on a rainbow wave

and ride on a talking unicorn.

I will dance with snowflakes while

Listening to the melody of life


by Year 3


All Aboard the Bede Burn Express!!!

Year 3 had a fantastic time at the National Railway Museum, Shildon. We were able to look at different artefacts, from whistles to some very tall hats. We even got to stand in the driver’s cab and find out how they would use the train engine to cook their breakfast.

The trains we looked at were beautiful, but we thought that we would like to travel in the Royal Carriage rather than Third Class, which has no roof. We were thrilled to see a replica of one of the engines that raced against George Stephenson’s Locomotion.

Let me tell you a story…

Today we use 5 different pictures to put into any order we wanted and then used these to tell a story. The children used “The 5 “W”s” to add more details to the stories. These are “who, what, where, when and why?”

I’m really looking forward to listening to their stories tomorrow.