Y3 Forest School fun!

Year 3 have been taking part in Forest School this half term and we have loved it! This has contributed to our science, DT, art, SMSC and key skills.

We have made leaf kebabs, made friends with trees, made our own obstacle courses and so much more! It has been brilliant learning in the outdoors. 

Our visitors have arrived!

Year 3 had a fantastic day working with the visiting students from our sister school in China. We played some “Getting to know you” games, and tried to learn everyone’s names. Then we did some maths work, drawing Mystic Roses, we were very impressed with the care taken. This afternoon we designed and created friendship bracelets. A fun-packed day!

Jarrow Library

Year 3 made a second visit of the year to the library in Jarrow. We had been invited by the librarians to come to celebrate story telling week. It was a lovely walk down into Jarrow as the sun was shining on us and it didn’t rain – always a worry when walking anywhere!

When we arrived the librarians sat us down and read two stories to us. The children behaved beautifully and listened attentively to both stories. We were then given a craft to complete about the worm in one of the stories.

The most exciting part of the trip for some, came next when we were given juice and biscuits, what could be better a story, a craft, the chance to pick new library books and then juice and biscuits.

I was incredibly proud of the children, they were excellent ambassadors for our school. Thanks also go out the parents who came with us,


Full Steam ahead for Year 3

Happy 2017!

Firstly, I would like to say a huge thank you for the lovely gifts and cards I received this Christmas. I was certainly very spoilt and I am very grateful.

This is an exciting term in Year 3, we are beginning a study of the development of the railways and in particular we will be finding out about the “Father of the Railways” himself… George Stephenson. A fascinating character and a local lad to be proud of!

Science will also provide a chance to explore as part of our study of Forces and magnets. We will be working on exploring questions and investigating using fair tests. Slightly worryingly, our work after February half term will be focusing on Plants. We will be finding out what plants need to grow and thrive… mainly not being anywhere near to the Year 3 teacher who has a very bad track record with growing anything successfully.

This is a very exciting term in our PE lessons, on a Wednesday we have a gymnastics coach coming in to work with us, then after half term in February we will begin to go swimming. I will be in touch to give you more details nearer to the time. The children are already full of excitement and looking forward to this new area of our curriculum.

Maths this term will include developing our skills in multiplying and dividing, exploring measures with a particular focus on time and finally the chance to extend our knowledge of fractions – no more asking who wants the biggest half!

I am particularly excited about our English work this term, we will be concentrating on two very special books, The Tin Forest and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Both books will allow us to create different types of writing from letters to narratives to instructions, we might even get to hear from Mr. Wonka himself!

As you can see a busy and exciting term. If you have any questions or want to discuss any issues please get in touch.

Thank you

A Lenney

Where did September go!!!

I can’t believe that we are in October already, time has certainly flown by. The children have all made a successful start to their time in KS2, even though there are big differences between KS1 and KS2 – mainly there being no afternoon playtime or morning fruit!

We have been exploring the time of the Stone Age, looking at photographs of cave paintings, illustrations of what life might have been like and exploring our very own “cave”. I have been thrilled with the interest that everyone has shown and the number of rocks brought in to share with the class has been amazing.

I was so proud of the children when they sang to the parents at the Coffee Afternoon last week and I am planning on putting up a recording of what they sang on Seesaw, as soon as I can figure out how to edit the recording so that it isn’t too huge to upload.

Our maths lessons are going well too, with lots of exploring and explaining of ideas. I hope that you all continue to enjoy the wonderful songs we are using to help us learn our times tables – they certainly brighten up my day.

Seesaw has had a major impact on our class, we so enjoy sharing our lessons with you, hopefully we will be able to iron out the remaining few problems with signing up at home so that even more of you will be able to see what goes on in Year 3.


Bede Burn’s Vegetable Plot

Wow look at the amazing crop of vegetables that we have harvested from our Vegetable Plot. While we might not be able to feed hundreds we are very proud that something has actually grown.

Thanks to Mrs. Davison for being our guide to the magical world of gardening, Mrs Parkes for her amazing ability to water the plot and finally to Miss Lenney for staying well away from anything that resembles a plant!!!

Look out for us next year, who knows what we will grow then.