Environmental Superheros meet Forest School

Today in Year One we had an exciting morning…we became ‘Environmental Superheros’. We had a taster forest school session with Colette and Caroline which involved us:
Making bird feeders
Designing bug hotels
Planting seeds
Planting trees
Making and throwing seed bombs
Making homes for animals to move into
We had a fun and mucky time!!!! We wish we could do this every day!Thank you Mrs Evans for organising it.

Brilliant Broad Beans

What a lovely surprise this morning when Holly brought in an enormous broad bean to show everyone. She told us that this has grown from the broad bean seeds that we planted at school in the spring term. Well done Holly! She also brought in lovely big radishes that her dad had grown in his garden for everyone to taste. They were delicious as you can see from the pictures! Thank you to Holly and her dad.

A blast from the past!

Last week Florence Nightingale appeared out of nowhere. She had taken a wrong turn down the hospital corridor and found herself in our classroom. We were all very shocked and surprised but found out lots of interesting facts and stories about her. We also asked her interesting questions.

Did you know… Florence Nightingale was born in Florence on the 12th May 1820.

This term Year One have been learning about ‘Superhero’s’ (significant people) during our topic lessons . They have been finding out lots of information about Neil Armstrong.
Did you know…
Neil Armstrong got his first pilot licence in 1945.
They planned and made rockets ready to be launched. Using a special rocket launcher they tested and recorded in metres how far their rockets could go!
What a blast they had!

Traction Man has escaped!

Breaking news in Year One this morning!…Traction Man has escaped from his box! The children were all eager to find him but slightly worried as to where he disappeared to. After searching the classroom he was found climbing up the beanstalk… Was he going to defeat the Giant? Who knows?

Year One’s VERY Royal Party

What an exciting afternoon in Year One today! We celebrated the Queen’s 90th Birthday with a special outdoor party in the sun. We became kings and queens with our home made tiaras and crowns. We sang happy birthday and gave 90 ‘posh’ claps. To finish our party we enjoyed birthday cake and juice. Happy Birthday to the Queen!

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Special Delivery!!!

Wow what an exciting morning we have had in Year One today. A special parcel was delivered to us with a letter from a little boy called Jack. He has sent us his old toy…….Traction Man! We were absolutely delighted, especially when we read the ‘p.s’ part of the letter!

Year 1 Summer term overview

Spring Term in Year 1

Wow it’s the Summer Term already! I hope you have all had a lovely Easter break and the children are all ready for some challenging work in preparation for moving up into Year 2!

We have an exciting term to look forward to! Miss Reece will be joining us on her final teaching placement and I know she has lots of fun things planned for the children to do.

Here is a brief look at what the children will be covering in Year 1 this term…


The children will continue to take part in daily phonics and handwriting sessions. They will also continue developing the correct use of punctuation and grammar in their independent writing. They will be covering the genre familiar settings (amongst others) where there will be lots of superhero action happening in the classroom! The children will also be developing our non-fiction work and they will also be looking at a variety of poetry.


This term in Maths the children will continue to learn about Number and Place Value and addition and subtraction and continue to relate it to real life situations. They will developing problem solving skills through Maths investigations. The children will explore patterns, shapes, position and direction and measurement though a variety of fantastic activities. They will continue working on fractions and multiplication and division.


Our topic this term is ‘Superhero’s’ where the children will be developing an understanding about famous people from the past. They will explore different significant people such as Neil Armstrong, Florence Nightingale, Christopher Columbus and many more. The children will also be learning about the famous ‘Jarrow March’ and Ellen Wilkinson.

In Art and DT the children will linking this to topic and science by creating some objects relating to the significant people they will be learning about e.g making and launching rockets, creating lamps and much more


In Science this term the children will be covering the topics ‘Weather and Seasons’ where they will learn about and observe changes across the four seasons. They will describe weather associated with the seasons and how day length varies. We  will also continue to learning about ‘Growing Plants’, looking at plants and how they grow, naming some common plants, identifying the parts of a plant and recognising that plants are living things.


In computing this term the children will be learning how to use technology purposefully to create and organise digital content.


In Music the children will continue to take part in weekly singing assemblies. They will explore the geographical origin of the music and in which era it was composed. They will learn how to apply key musical concepts/elements e.g. finding a pulse, clapping a rhythm, use of pitch during music lessons.


In French the children will be learning all about animals.


In P.E the children will continue to develop their skills through cross country and rounder’s. They will also be developing team game skills.


In RE the children will learn about how and why the home is important in Jewish life, they will be introduced to features of Shabbat in the home, symbolic objects used in the Jewish home e.g. mezuzah Belief, Expressions of Belief, Impact of Belief. They will also be learning about why Moses is special to Jewish people through stories  and the importance of Torah Authority They will continue developing their own experiences, beliefs and values.


In PSHE the children will be learning about and develop their speaking and listening skills during circle time activities. The children will think about relationships and changes and how to understand/deal with feelings.