Year 4 does Bede-fest

Year 4 have started to learn about our new topic, Playlists. Our new Cornerstones curriculum encourages fun and exciting topic learning and each topic starts with a memorable experience. As our learning will be centred around music of the 20th Century, what better way to kick things off than with our very own school music festival!

After we arrived dressed as our favourite musicians, we began our day with a jamming session with Mr Mac, who kindly brought in an array of instruments for the children to have a go at playing. Throughout the day we enjoyed a song lyric quiz, crossword treasure hunt and a good old game of musical chairs (with a 20th Century playlist to match!)

The headliners of the festival were the fantastic Little Moth, who came to our school hall to give us a live performance. Jen and Tony played us a mix of old and new music with a bit of music history along the way – what a treat! The children really enjoyed their astounding performance (as did myself and Mr Mac).

Year 4 learnt about the music their grown-ups have grown up with and I learnt a few new dance moves along the way. It’s certainly not a day we will forget.


Watch out Glastonbury! 

Silly Sock Day


Just for fun, and to help us make sure we all got the right shoes after PE today, Reception class all wore silly socks today; bright colours, patterns, super heroes and princesses were all proudly displayed. Can you spot yours?


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Bede Burn Battalion

We had done our research so it was time to invade Newcastle Castle. We had carefully studied their defences and worked out the best tactics to cross the moat and get past the guards, we knew how the drawbridge worked and how to avoid the dangerous spikes on the portcullis. Armed with our packed lunches we marched to the castle ready to do battle. A few prisoners were taken but we quickly released them and took the treasure!

We love our Buddies

To celebrate the end of our Castle topic we invited our buddies to a special party. With lots of games including ‘Pass the Sword’, ‘Knights and Archers’ and ‘Castle Corners’  and an ice cream banquet we had a great time. Thank you for being such super buddies Year 6, good luck in your new school, we will miss you.

Reception’s Family Fun Day 2017

Family Fun Day has become one of my favourite times of the year. It is lovely to see so many parents, grand parents, siblings and other family members for this special day. This year Mr Twister came to join us for some balloons and magic before we set off to the park for our picnic and a play. Whilst the rain stopped play earlier than we’d hoped it was still a great day. Thank you for joining us.

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Going on a bug hunt.

Reception had a fantastic day at West Boldon Lodge on Monday, 19th June. We explored the fairy garden to find out about life cycles, went meadow sweeping to see which creatures lived there before going on a hunt for creatures that live in dark damp places down in the big wood. After a yummy lunch, thanks mum, it was off to the marsh for a bit of pond dipping. Thank you John, our fantastic bug expert and to all the staff at West Boldon Lodge for the cool drinks to keep us going.

Also thanks to our parent volunteers, visits like this would not be possible without you. A special mention to my class, you made me really proud and are a credit to Bede Burn Primary School.

Forest School and Fairy Gardens

Before we went to Forest School on Friday we received an urgent text from the Fairy Godmother. One of her fairies had gone missing with her friend the naughty elf and they were last seen in the Forest Garden. We set off in search of them and found lots of clues including fairy dust and fairy art but no fairies! There were signs they had tried to make a home down a hole, by the tree and in amongst the plants but none of them looked very comfortable so we decided to make our own fairy gardens for them.

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Day 4 with Year 2!

Last week Year 2 had a fantastic day with our visitors.

First we decided to create a lot of mess and have a lot of fun! We made play dough. We had to work in groups, sort the instructions and then carry out the instructions. It started off tricky at first, but once we all helped each other we got there in the end. Some of our play dough went a bit runny. Oops! So we had to add more flour to make it thicker. Once we had made it, we shared it out in our groups and made lots of different things. Some of our visitors showed us how to make Chinese dumplings. They were nice and easy to make.

Afterwards we settled with some art and craft. We did some mindfulness colouring in and then followed on with collage work in the style of Henri Matisse. It was great seeing the different colours we could make from overlapping tissue paper. Everybody enjoyed it. We used different techniques to add to our collage effect. Some children cut up bits of paper, while others teared the paper. Some children shredded theirs and others scrunched it up to make a 3D collage effect. Bede Burn definitely has some artists in the making! Have a look at some of our pictures from our fun filled day!