Year 4’s memorable experience – Northumberlandia

As part of our topic, ‘Misty Mountain Sierra’, Year 4 visited Bedlington’s biggest ‘mountain’ – Northumberlandia! It was bitterly cold, but that didn’t stop us donning our finest winter wear and going on adventure!

We split into three groups and ventured around the site. We had a great time exploring and the snow and wind gave us a real Everest experience!

We had a great day and would definitely recommend a visit – just don’t forget your hat and scarf!

Space exploration.

To ‘launch’ our new topic linked to Space we went to the planetarium at the Centre for Life to  meet the naughty monsters and find out all about the planets in our Solar System.

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Next we went to the lab for a Space Workshop.

Do you know the planets in our Solar System?








Abi does. This is Earth.

Jupiter? says Ollie.



Finding out more about the planets and sharing ideas.

Planets with rings, planets with swirls. Super ideas guys!

Big planets, little planets.


Sending rockets into Space.

Which rocket goes the highest?… blast off!

Will it be the yellow one?

Where did it go?

Will it be the green one?

Faster than the speed of ‘camera’.

Look at it go.


Testing gravity?

Earth is the only planet with water.

Quick break~ hope you are making me something nice girls.

Growing cabbages?

Is it a boat, a car or a rocket ship heading to the Moon?

Creating our own constellation star patterns.



Lunch, at last! Thanks mum for our yummy treats.

We had a great day. Special thanks to our parents who came along with us, it wouldn’t be possible without you.

Y6 : Ice-Skating at Centre For Life

Last Wednesday, Year 6 travelled by Metro up to the Centre for Life for an exciting start to their new topic: Frozen Kingdom. After getting ice-skates on and a brief introductory ice-skating lesson, Y6 plus Mrs Todd, Mrs Arthur and Mrs O’Neill took to the ice. It was a shaky start for many who clung on to the barrier for dear life however, everyone who found it tricky persevered and by the end everyone was skating around the rink independently.

To the relief of all of the staff, all children got off the rink without injury and many children declared it ‘the best trip ever’. Aron even asked if, instead of going bowling after the SATs in Spring, we could do ice-skating again.

A tour of the Centre for Life followed including: a ride on the 4D Polar Express themed motion ride; a trip through space in the planetarium; a science show and time to investigate the brain and discovery zones.

A brilliant trip was had by all and behaviour was (almost!) impeccable as ever!

Mrs Todd

School Council deliver ‘Christmas in a Box’ to Crusade Walk

It’s the season of goodwill and what better way to celebrate than to spread some Christmas joy to those in need.

Our school council teamed up with Jackie from St Peter’s Church to prepare and deliver Christmas hampers to elderly members of the community. This, alongside a few Christmas carols, made for a great afternoon.

It’s easy for this time of year to become centred around receiving things. Today demonstrated how fantastic it is to give something back. I’m incredibly proud of the school council children for dedicating their time to such a worthy cause. Can I also thank you all for your extremely kind contributions towards the hampers, you have all made a huge difference.

Fitness Mornings with The Body Coach Joe Wicks.

All this week children from across the school have dedicated up to half an hour to getting fit. At 10am sharp we joined Joe Wicks on his Youtube channel to join in with a live 30 minute workout. The idea behind the workouts was to get children awake and active whilst having fun… helping them switch on for the day ahead.

The children had great fun and were definitely ready for their break time afterwards, Well done everyone!


Day 6 with Year 4

On Monday Year 4 were lucky enough to have our Chinese visitors finally join them.

During the day they built Towers in mixed groups to see who could build the tallest structure. They also showed their guests some of the games they play in there PE lessons which everyone had a great go at.

It was a fantastic experience learning with all the new students and teachers and I hope we get to experience it again in the future.