Fitness Mornings with The Body Coach Joe Wicks.

All this week children from across the school have dedicated up to half an hour to getting fit. At 10am sharp we joined Joe Wicks on his Youtube channel to join in with a live 30 minute workout. The idea behind the workouts was to get children awake and active whilst having fun… helping them switch on for the day ahead.

The children had great fun and were definitely ready for their break time afterwards, Well done everyone!


Day 6 with Year 4

On Monday Year 4 were lucky enough to have our Chinese visitors finally join them.

During the day they built Towers in mixed groups to see who could build the tallest structure. They also showed their guests some of the games they play in there PE lessons which everyone had a great go at.

It was a fantastic experience learning with all the new students and teachers and I hope we get to experience it again in the future.

Our visitors have arrived!

Year 3 had a fantastic day working with the visiting students from our sister school in China. We played some “Getting to know you” games, and tried to learn everyone’s names. Then we did some maths work, drawing Mystic Roses, we were very impressed with the care taken. This afternoon we designed and created friendship bracelets. A fun-packed day!

Y5 Spring term

Welcome back and Happy New Year to you all! Firstly we would like to thank you all for the lovely Christmas wishes, cards and gifts we received. It was very kind and thoughtful and we hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your families.


This term we have a lot going on and we hope the children continue to show the same commitment and efforts in order to make the progress they are capable of.


In English this term we are reading ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’ by Tom McLaughlin. Much of our work will be based around this story and we will be doing lots of drama, reading comprehension and grammar work in the hope to get some quality written work from the children. The children loved last term’s book, ‘The Imagination Box’ and it was lovely to see them so engaged and keen to listen and take part in the work based around it. We hope to see more of this over the next few weeks.


In Maths we are focusing on fractions, decimals and percentages with a big focus on the children being able to apply the skills they learn through problem solving and reasoning activities. The children are working hard in maths and learning that it is ok to make mistakes and in fact it just makes our brain grow!


Our topic this term is South America with a focus on Rainforests and we will be doing a lot of cross-curricular work within this. We will be doing some map work and finding out what lies within South America. We hope to find out about rainforest habitats, the animals that live there, the different plants and the structure of the rainforest itself. Within this topic we will be doing some reading comprehension work, some leaf sketches, animal paintings and hopefully be able to create our own mini rainforests along with some writing links in there too.


In Science the children will be studying ‘Properties and Changes of materials’, where they will look at states of matter, changes of state, reversible and irreversible changes and materials and their properties. There will be a lot of practical work and scientific investigation which we’re sure the children will love.


P.E this term will be a Wednesday afternoon with a gymnastics coach but it is advised that children have their kits in everyday in case we do other P.E activities linked to other subjects.

Computing will see the children working with a program called ‘Scratch’ on a counting machine. PSHE will focus on democracy where the children will learn about British values and the rule of law.

R.E is based around what we know about the Bible and why it is important to Christians.

Music the children are working through a scheme called Charanga where they are give the chance to explore music is many different ways.

In Art this term we are looking at Matisse, under water and sky pictures as well as many links to our topic South America.


We’d like to thank you for your continued support and like to remind you the door is always open if there is ever anything you feel you’d like to discuss. Here’s to a successful 2017 for all.


Many thanks

Miss Smith and Mrs Smith

Reading Time

Today Mrs Todd hosted Bede Burn’s very first ‘Sibling Story Time’ session.  Any children who have pre school brothers or sisters invited them in for a delightful story session.  Mrs Todd entertained the younger children (and the grown ups) with two stories and a selection of songs.

This event was a brilliant way to share our school’s love of reading with the youngest members of our community and everyone involved agreed that it was a lovely idea.

Well done Mrs Todd!

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House Pumpkin Carving Contest

I was delighted and amazed at the creativity and talent shown in last year’s pumpkin carving competition.  It is definitely my favourite house contest of the year!

The rules are fairly simple:

  • This contest is designed for children to work with an adult (knives are sharp!) AT HOME to carve a pumpkin.
  • Pumpkins are then brought into school on Thursday 23rd October and will be displayed in the classrooms.
  • The pumpkins will be judged by Mr Arthur and a ‘guest judge’.
  • The winner in each class earns 5 house points for their house, 3 points for second place and 1 point for third.
  • The house with the most house points across the school will win the coveted house trophy.
  • Prizes will be awarded on Friday 24th October in assembly.
  • Pumpkins MUST be collected on Friday and taken home!

Good luck everyone and I look forward to seeing the entries!

Download (PDF, 472KB)