Year 5’s day with our Chinese visitors!

Year 5 enjoyed a very busy day with our visitors from our Chinese sister school.

We started the day off with some memory games – this gave us a chance to learn each other’s names and work in a team. As well as games, we constructed and decorated our own butterflies, birds or planes; created optical illusion pictures with our hands and we were also lucky enough to be taught some Chinese writing.

To top it all off, we were able to go and watch the Bede Burn Primary School vs Meiyuan Primary School football match. Bede Burn reigned victorious with an 11-0 win and we were very pleased indeed.

It was an invaluable experience meeting our new friends and it’s certainly one we won’t forget in a hurry!

– Miss Beadling

Day 6 with Year 4

On Monday Year 4 were lucky enough to have our Chinese visitors finally join them.

During the day they built Towers in mixed groups to see who could build the tallest structure. They also showed their guests some of the games they play in there PE lessons which everyone had a great go at.

It was a fantastic experience learning with all the new students and teachers and I hope we get to experience it again in the future.

Our visitors have arrived!

Year 3 had a fantastic day working with the visiting students from our sister school in China. We played some “Getting to know you” games, and tried to learn everyone’s names. Then we did some maths work, drawing Mystic Roses, we were very impressed with the care taken. This afternoon we designed and created friendship bracelets. A fun-packed day!

Sing Up Day

On Wednesday 22nd March, it was international Sing Up day. Schools across the globe celebrated by singing this year’s Sing Up anthem, ‘Let Love Shine Through’. We went one step further and had a singing afternoon!

We started off with a sing-song in the hall, singing some of our favourite songs. Some required pupils from different classes to sing different parts, all coming together in beautiful harmony, which the children coped tremendously well with.

We then sang this year’s anthem, which is all about the importance of understanding that everyone is different, and that is a good thing as it brings a rich diversity and eclectic mix to life. We filmed our singing efforts and sent it off to the Sing Up staff. Last year’s Bede Burn video was used as part of this year’s music video, sent to all schools using Sing Up, so we have high hopes that we will reach the same dizzy heights this year!

After that, the children moved around the school in classes, singing a song with each teacher all the way from Reception up to Year 6, before finally coming back together to surprise our parents and grandparents with a ‘flash mob’ at home time.

We really value opportunities like this when subjects such as music get a spotlight placed upon them, and children have a chance to develop and display their talents. Singing as part of a large group has also been shown to raise self-esteem in children and promote a happy atmosphere. There is something very inclusive and comforting in being one of over 200 voices, all working together to make a beautiful sound. And, of course, it was jolly good fun too…

Check out our gallery of super singers. Look out for the pictures of our staff, all mid-song!

Nicola Faulkner


Red Nose Day

On Friday 24th March, we wore red to raise money for Red Nose Day. The children had a great time and we raised a total of £190!

Thank you to everyone for making a great effort for this worthwhile charity, which does so much to help people in the UK and beyond.

Nicola Faulkner


World Book Day

Here at Bede Burn we had a fantastic time on World Book Day! Each child was given a choice of activities to join in with. All of our class teachers and myself chose a picture book that we love, to share with the children. We read it together and then did some linked activities, including drama, art and design. The children looked fabulous in their book costumes (as did the grownups) and we thoroughly enjoyed celebrating books.

Check out our full gallery using the drop-down menu.

Well done everyone!

Nicola Faulkner

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