Welcome to Bede Burn Primary School

Welcome to Bede Burn – a fantastic school that we are all proud to be a part of. Thank you for taking the time to look at our website.  We provide a very happy, caring, supportive place to learn and grow…as one parent put it, we are ‘a small school with a big heart!’ We have a talented and dedicated team of staff who focus on making life at our school fun, exciting and educational: a place where children want to be. We provide a broad curriculum and we value creativity and innovation. Energy, passion and praise are found here in abundance, as well as a loveIMG_0254 of learning.

We inspire our pupils to achieve, and have high expectations for all of our children; we aim to instil the belief that we are all capable of anything, with hard work and perseverance. We embrace challenges, safe in the knowledge that mistakes are simply opportunities to improve further. We think big – we dream big – and we go for it. Our hope is that our children leave Year 6 with everything they need for success in their bright futures, including a broad academic knowledge, respect for themselves and others, confidence and a host of fond memories.

We encourage a strong sense of collaboration within school, as well as with our families and our global community. We offer a wide range of clubs to our pupils, as well as visitor opportunities and other curriculum-enriching activities such as our international links. We have seen international recognition for our amazing singing efforts and we look forward to continuing this success throughout this year and beyond. We know the importance of contributing to our community and also appreciate support from others, including our Governors, parents, grandparents and our ‘Bede Burn Buddies’ group.

We are proud of our achievements – our children shine brightly and we welcome you to explore our website further.  Please feel free to comment on our posts; it’s always nice to hear your views. Please contact us if you require any further information.

Nicola Faulkner




Sing Up Day

On Wednesday 22nd March, it was international Sing Up day. Schools across the globe celebrated by singing this year’s Sing Up anthem, ‘Let Love Shine Through’. We went one step further and had a singing afternoon!

We started off with a sing-song in the hall, singing some of our favourite songs. Some required pupils from different classes to sing different parts, all coming together in beautiful harmony, which the children coped tremendously well with.

We then sang this year’s anthem, which is all about the importance of understanding that everyone is different, and that is a good thing as it brings a rich diversity and eclectic mix to life. We filmed our singing efforts and sent it off to the Sing Up staff. Last year’s Bede Burn video was used as part of this year’s music video, sent to all schools using Sing Up, so we have high hopes that we will reach the same dizzy heights this year!

After that, the children moved around the school in classes, singing a song with each teacher all the way from Reception up to Year 6, before finally coming back together to surprise our parents and grandparents with a ‘flash mob’ at home time.

We really value opportunities like this when subjects such as music get a spotlight placed upon them, and children have a chance to develop and display their talents. Singing as part of a large group has also been shown to raise self-esteem in children and promote a happy atmosphere. There is something very inclusive and comforting in being one of over 200 voices, all working together to make a beautiful sound. And, of course, it was jolly good fun too…

Check out our gallery of super singers. Look out for the pictures of our staff, all mid-song!

Nicola Faulkner


Red Nose Day

On Friday 24th March, we wore red to raise money for Red Nose Day. The children had a great time and we raised a total of £190!

Thank you to everyone for making a great effort for this worthwhile charity, which does so much to help people in the UK and beyond.

Nicola Faulkner


World Book Day

Here at Bede Burn we had a fantastic time on World Book Day! Each child was given a choice of activities to join in with. All of our class teachers and myself chose a picture book that we love, to share with the children. We read it together and then did some linked activities, including drama, art and design. The children looked fabulous in their book costumes (as did the grownups) and we thoroughly enjoyed celebrating books.

Check out our full gallery using the drop-down menu.

Well done everyone!

Nicola Faulkner

IMG_1722 IMG_0644 IMG_0671 IMG_0676

Jarrow Library

Year 3 made a second visit of the year to the library in Jarrow. We had been invited by the librarians to come to celebrate story telling week. It was a lovely walk down into Jarrow as the sun was shining on us and it didn’t rain – always a worry when walking anywhere!

When we arrived the librarians sat us down and read two stories to us. The children behaved beautifully and listened attentively to both stories. We were then given a craft to complete about the worm in one of the stories.

The most exciting part of the trip for some, came next when we were given juice and biscuits, what could be better a story, a craft, the chance to pick new library books and then juice and biscuits.

I was incredibly proud of the children, they were excellent ambassadors for our school. Thanks also go out the parents who came with us,


Our new Vision Statement is here!

Parents/Carers –

You may remember me writing to you all in the Autumn term, asking you to jot down words/phrases in response to a few questions (What we want the children to feel at school, what we valued, and so on).

I also asked all of the staff, Governors and the pupils the same questions, correlated the results and used everyone’s ideas to write our vision statement.

The result is a vision that is shared by everyone in our school community – we are all a part of it and can be proud to call it our vision of Bede Burn.

I hope you like it as much as I do!

Thank you for your contributions.

I’ve also uploaded our Classroom Code, which we designed in Autumn. It is displayed in all classrooms and explains our ethos of how we want our children to learn.

Nicola Faulkner


bede (1)Artboard 1


Reading club

imageimageIMG_0243 IMG_0244Reading club was fab today! We all chose a book that we thought looked interesting and shared the stories with our friends. We discussed what happened and even made some predictions about what we thought might happen next. We have some amazing readers in Year 2! We can’t wait for next week! Well done boys! 👍

Y5 Spring term

Welcome back and Happy New Year to you all! Firstly we would like to thank you all for the lovely Christmas wishes, cards and gifts we received. It was very kind and thoughtful and we hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your families.


This term we have a lot going on and we hope the children continue to show the same commitment and efforts in order to make the progress they are capable of.


In English this term we are reading ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’ by Tom McLaughlin. Much of our work will be based around this story and we will be doing lots of drama, reading comprehension and grammar work in the hope to get some quality written work from the children. The children loved last term’s book, ‘The Imagination Box’ and it was lovely to see them so engaged and keen to listen and take part in the work based around it. We hope to see more of this over the next few weeks.


In Maths we are focusing on fractions, decimals and percentages with a big focus on the children being able to apply the skills they learn through problem solving and reasoning activities. The children are working hard in maths and learning that it is ok to make mistakes and in fact it just makes our brain grow!


Our topic this term is South America with a focus on Rainforests and we will be doing a lot of cross-curricular work within this. We will be doing some map work and finding out what lies within South America. We hope to find out about rainforest habitats, the animals that live there, the different plants and the structure of the rainforest itself. Within this topic we will be doing some reading comprehension work, some leaf sketches, animal paintings and hopefully be able to create our own mini rainforests along with some writing links in there too.


In Science the children will be studying ‘Properties and Changes of materials’, where they will look at states of matter, changes of state, reversible and irreversible changes and materials and their properties. There will be a lot of practical work and scientific investigation which we’re sure the children will love.


P.E this term will be a Wednesday afternoon with a gymnastics coach but it is advised that children have their kits in everyday in case we do other P.E activities linked to other subjects.

Computing will see the children working with a program called ‘Scratch’ on a counting machine. PSHE will focus on democracy where the children will learn about British values and the rule of law.

R.E is based around what we know about the Bible and why it is important to Christians.

Music the children are working through a scheme called Charanga where they are give the chance to explore music is many different ways.

In Art this term we are looking at Matisse, under water and sky pictures as well as many links to our topic South America.


We’d like to thank you for your continued support and like to remind you the door is always open if there is ever anything you feel you’d like to discuss. Here’s to a successful 2017 for all.


Many thanks

Miss Smith and Mrs Smith

Full Steam ahead for Year 3

Happy 2017!

Firstly, I would like to say a huge thank you for the lovely gifts and cards I received this Christmas. I was certainly very spoilt and I am very grateful.

This is an exciting term in Year 3, we are beginning a study of the development of the railways and in particular we will be finding out about the “Father of the Railways” himself… George Stephenson. A fascinating character and a local lad to be proud of!

Science will also provide a chance to explore as part of our study of Forces and magnets. We will be working on exploring questions and investigating using fair tests. Slightly worryingly, our work after February half term will be focusing on Plants. We will be finding out what plants need to grow and thrive… mainly not being anywhere near to the Year 3 teacher who has a very bad track record with growing anything successfully.

This is a very exciting term in our PE lessons, on a Wednesday we have a gymnastics coach coming in to work with us, then after half term in February we will begin to go swimming. I will be in touch to give you more details nearer to the time. The children are already full of excitement and looking forward to this new area of our curriculum.

Maths this term will include developing our skills in multiplying and dividing, exploring measures with a particular focus on time and finally the chance to extend our knowledge of fractions – no more asking who wants the biggest half!

I am particularly excited about our English work this term, we will be concentrating on two very special books, The Tin Forest and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Both books will allow us to create different types of writing from letters to narratives to instructions, we might even get to hear from Mr. Wonka himself!

As you can see a busy and exciting term. If you have any questions or want to discuss any issues please get in touch.

Thank you

A Lenney

Choir at Christmas

Thank you to my amazing choir who performed with oomph and gusto everywhere they went!

Mrs N Faulkner

Children in Need Day – Pudsey Bears!

Thank you to the fabulous Mrs Peacock for, once again, knitting 21 Pudsey Bears! Children’s names were drawn out and the lucky winners are below. Thanks also to everyone who donated to this fabulous cause…as a school we raised an amazing £377.50!