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Welcome to Bede Burn Primary School.  It is my pleasure to be Head Teacher of such a vibrant and successful school.  We have a talented and dedicated team of teachers, teaching assistants and supervisory staff who have one aim: to provide the very best care and education for the children in our school.IMG_0254

This academic year sees a plethora of changes to the education system:  new curriculum, new testing procedures, new assessment strategies.  Through it all, at Bede Burn, we remain focussed on making lessons fun, exciting and informative for the children and trying to make school a place which children enjoy attending.

We are continuing to make improvements and strive to be the very best that we can, through this web site, we aim to keep you up to date with all of the exciting events that occur in school and all of our achievements.  Please feel free to use the comment option on each post, it is reassuring to know that the posts are being read!

I could write for hours extolling the virtues of the children and staff at this school, most of you reading this know this already!

In short; welcome to our school, I hope you enjoy the new website!

Michael Arthur

Head Teacher



A blast from the past!

Last week Florence Nightingale appeared out of nowhere. She had taken a wrong turn down the hospital corridor and found herself in our classroom. We were all very shocked and surprised but found out lots of interesting facts and stories about her. We also asked her interesting questions.

Did you know… Florence Nightingale was born in Florence on the 12th May 1820.

Treasure Map Fun!

Year 2 are really enjoying our pirate topic this term and had great fun making their own treasure maps. Lots of children have even made their own maps at home.

We made keys for our maps first, making up our own symbols and naming them. We then tea bagged our maps to make them look old. Once the maps were dry we created our own treasure maps adding symbols from our keys.

They look fantastic and everyone was super proud of their map!



Down at the farm

We had a fantastic day ‘Down on the Farm’ yesterday. There were lambs to feed, pigs to wash, donkeys to brush and rabbits to cuddle with a bit of time for some fun in the park. Thank you to Year 6 for taking good care of their Reception buddies, though it was a little strange for me as I can remember taking them to the farm when they were in Reception! Also, thanks to the parents who accompanied us, I hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did. Finally, a special thank you to the children in my class for making the day so special.


We got a little carried away with the photographs so it may take a while for the gallery to load but it is well worth the wait!

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The Magic Box

Year 3 have become poets this week, I am thrilled with the ideas and pictures they have painted with their words. We used a box full of my memories as a stimulus, and I can now put in another memory into the box, their poem! Thank you Year 3, I think it is beautiful. I know some of you are creating some of your own memory boxes at home too.


My Magic Box

I have put in my box…


The soft velvet of a precious teddy with all the love it needs.

Full of cuddles of memory from times together that has been passed down the family.

A teddy still loved and as soft as a summer breeze!


I have put in my box…


A beautiful, delicate mug given to me,

Keeping my heart strong and carrying memories.

Well used and looked after, fragile but full of joy and happiness.


I have put in my box…


A baby blanket made with warmth, love and joyfulness by a beloved grandmother.

Soft like a newborn puppy, silky and white, it holds a lifetime of memories.

Sharing love and sweet dreams, a bundle of joy and a warm blanket of faith.


My box is made…


Of dust from the stars, silver ore and  a sparkling emerald.

With love on the lid and family in the corners.

Its hinges are made  of Willy Wonka’s sweet candy canes and screws that are diamond stones.


In my box…


I will surf on a rainbow wave

and ride on a talking unicorn.

I will dance with snowflakes while

Listening to the melody of life


by Year 3



Huge congratulations to our Year 6 children who, this morning, completed their end of KS2 SATs.

We have worked hard all year and the children certainly reaped the benefits of their diligence. I am proud of every single one of Y6 -they all approached this challenging week with courage, determination and a ‘can-do’attitude. Whatever the results, I know that they could not have worked harder. Well done, Y6!

Mrs M Todd

This term Year One have been learning about ‘Superhero’s’ (significant people) during our topic lessons . They have been finding out lots of information about Neil Armstrong.
Did you know…
Neil Armstrong got his first pilot licence in 1945.
They planned and made rockets ready to be launched. Using a special rocket launcher they tested and recorded in metres how far their rockets could go!
What a blast they had!

Traction Man has escaped!

Breaking news in Year One this morning!…Traction Man has escaped from his box! The children were all eager to find him but slightly worried as to where he disappeared to. After searching the classroom he was found climbing up the beanstalk… Was he going to defeat the Giant? Who knows?